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Initial Visit

Your initial visit to our office may take 1 to 3 hours, depending upon the type of retinal problem you have and the need for specialized tests such as fluorescein angiography, ophthalmic ultrasound, and optical coherence tomography. To examine your retina it will be necessary to place dilating drops in your eyes. If possible, it is best to bring someone with you to your visit to drive you home.

Please bring a copy of your ID, insurance card, a list of your medications and allergies, and the names of your medical doctor and eye doctor(s) to your first appointment.

Our front desk staff will assist you with checking in. You will then meet one of our technical staff, who will obtain a medical and ophthalmic history, check your vision, measure your eye pressure and dilate your eyes. Your retina doctor will see you once your eyes are dilated to examine your retina in close detail to diagnose your condition. In some cases, special tests such as angiography may be ordered. Many times we are able to obtain the angiogram within 20 to 30 minutes and make treatment decisions quickly. In some cases treatment such as laser or surgery might be scheduled. For some retinal disorders, immediate treatment is needed and will be performed.

Because the retina is subject to diseases that sometimes require emergency treatment, we often need to see unscheduled patients. We make every effort to provide expedient care to all of our patients, but, in the case of emergency, we treat those with the greatest need as quickly as possible.


Please call our office immediately if you have a serious problem with your eyes or possible emergency. We will be sure that you are seen without delay. If you call after regular business hours, our exchange will contact our retina specialist on call.

Financial Policy

As a service to our patients, our Business Office will bill your primary and secondary insurances for you, for any insurances with which we are contracted. Co-payments, deductibles, and other patient responsibilities are due at the time of service. Any remaining balance owed after insurances have paid will be included on a statement to you. For your convenience we accept personal checks, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and CareCredit. Outside financing is available. Our business office will answer any questions that you have about our services or fees. Please direct inquiries to 916-454-6191.

What is Retinal Angiography